About Paris em Lisboa


Iconic shop today and ever, «PARIS EM LISBOA» (Paris in Lisbon) is an icon in the capital’s commerce, offering quality, novelties and exclusivity combined with an outstanding service, since 1888.


«PARIS EM LISBOA» opens with great pomp, in 1888, at Rua Garrett 77.

Fabrics, silks and embroidery from the capital of fashion, Paris, reach Lisbon’s posh clients. 

A few years after inauguration, Queen D. Amélia honours «PARIS EM LISBOA» in 1902, granting it the status of «Providers of the Royal Household». Many of the most stylish suits donned by our society in those days are manufactured in its ateliers.

"It was in Chiado that Queen D. Amélia did Christmas shopping, looking for news in stores such as Ramiro Leão, which no longer exists, or  "Paris in Lisboa", as mentioned by thematic itineraries that make the city of Lisbon known and their experiences."

The 1930’s bring a change in consumption habits, leading to a transformation in commerce. This is the time when perfume, stockings and household articles’ sections are created. Textiles are at the top of the sales. Wools, silks and cottons move from the store counters to several sewing workshops. The perfume section is set up in a prominent place in the store and sells perfumes and other beauty articles. The so-called glass stockings also came on sale and achieved a huge success.

During the Second World War, prominent figures in European societies pay us a visit and become clients of «PARIS EM LISBOA».

The fifties, sixties and seventies are periods of great prosperity and continuous improvements. As always, offer is of great variety and high quality. The section of knitwear and ready-made garments, a novelty, is inaugurated.

With the 1974 Revolution, new lifestyles and consumption habits make their appearance.

As for the ready-made articles of clothing which are part of the catalogue of «PARIS EM LISBOA», the household linen section is renewed and in the next few years it will occupy the whole store, ending the sale of fabrics by the yard for clothing.

The last great change which expanded this section throughout the existing three levels took place in 2006. Table, bathroom and bed linen are on display nowadays in the three store levels. 

Now, more than 130 years after its birth, «PARIS EM LISBOA» still remains a favourite amongst national and foreign clients.

We would like to thank all those who have been with us for three generations.