Some Hints

Washing Instructions

  • Clothing that has been well kept, has a longer durability.
  • Before the first use, we recommend dipping the piece of clothing in warm water without any detergent. This first wash will suppress the excess of finish, avoiding the fixation of stains on the textile.
  • Nowadays, all products undergo a treatment that prevents shrinking. However, it is normal to experience a shrinking of about 4% after the first washes.
  • Take action on the stains as soon as possible so that they will not penetrate the textile while drying.
  • The use of a drier is not recommended, because it will break the fibres and discolour the fabric.
  • Always follow the many instructions in the label.


    Coloured Clothes

    • Normal wash between 40°C and 60°C, without overloading the washing-machine. Do not wash at less than 40°C. You may use special leach for coloured clothes in a very small amount and never add softener.
    • In case of stains that persist, use a stain remover, diluted before the wash, scrub with soap and then wash as you normally would.
    • Iron on the inside with a hot iron and steam, or have the textile slightly wet.


      White Linen

      • Wash between 60°C and 90°C, depending on dirtiness.
      • There is the possibility of use of a diluted anti-stain product before washing.
      • In case of difficult stains, the use of leach is possible, respecting the recommended amounts followed by repeated rinsing. Never use leach directly on the stains.
      • Iron on the inside with a hot iron and steam, or have the textile slightly wet.


      How to Remove the Most Common Stains

      • Red Wine: Absorb as soon as possible with absorbing paper or with white linen, wet with white wine or 60° ethanol. Avoid salt for it will destroy the textile. Wash next. If you do not wash next, then wet the stain with cold water.
      • Red Fruit, Lipstick: Wash the stain with cold water. Next, press a cloth immersed in alcohol over the stain in order to remove most of the colour. Then scrub with dish-washing detergent. Next, rinse abundantly and wash as you would normally do in the washing machine.
      • Candle Wax: Remove most of it by scrapping. Roll the textile in your fingers so as to loosen the wax from the textile. Stretch the textile and drop hot water on the stain. Then wash.
      • Tea: Quickly wet the stain with fizzy water and wash as soon as possible. Tea is a powerful stainer that is difficult to eliminate if it becomes attached to the fibres.
      • Fat: Scrub the stain with soap or a stain-remover. Then wash at 60°C or 90°C if the stain remains.